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The learning activities offered by the educational team promotes learning through the awakening of the five senses


Workshops Motor driven by the Psychomotor
When the adaptation and daily offered to a small group of children (inter-age or the same age as the proposed work and the interests of children).

Where: In the lobby, the room modular sleep in the living space.
Materials: Carpets, tunnel modules traction but also water bottles, shoe boxes, cartons.

 Painting and Art 
Offered by early childhood educator, visual artist or a team member. These workshops help the child develop his touch

Where: In the room “art” or living space.
Materials: Stationery, different types of paint, canvas, clay, earth, etc..

Songs and Rhymes
Morning ritual initiated by the team in each section that develops the child’s hearing

Where: in the area of ​​children’s lives
Materials: box songs, the voices of adults and children.

Open-plan workshop for medium and large: sowing, planting, harvesting, observe shoots for visual awareness.

Where: On the terrace
Materials: Gardener, earth, vegetable plants, seeds and small gardening equipment.

The cooking workshops led by the stove or a member of the team: taste, manipulate, share the objective of which is to develop the sense of smell and taste

Where: in the space of living grandparents at the table
Materials: Aprons, charlottes, dishes and utensils small sizes.

The reading workshops: open access and proposed by a professional or storyteller.

Where: Reading corner in each age section-books away from children
Materials: books of all sizes, different materials, music, etc..

This is a range of activities. Depending on the skills and desires of the team, new activities may be proposed

Throughout the care of children in the nursery, the family is recognized as the primary educator of the child. A relationship of coeducation is woven between parents and professionals through ongoing exchanges and a book binding.


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