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The IPC was established to strengthen and harmonize the standards of education in early childhood.

Subsidiary of IPC USA, we will offer your children a program that contains fifty six thematic units with seven major core learning areas are:

  • Numeracy
  • Language arts
  • Socio-Emotional
  • Social Science
  • Creative Arts
  • Science and Technology
  • Gross Motor

A dozen learning sub-themes such as multiculturalism and news in addition to the major learning areas mentioned above.

In addition, our teachers have a training program developed by former teachers of the prestigious Harvard University. This will allow them to be up to date and follow the best practices performed in the field of early childhood internationally.

The objective of IPC and its program based on the research is to meet the standards set by the State services and accreditation bodies. IPC enjoys worldwide recognition and is working closely with governments to allow a permanent update programs so important to ensure compliance with local standards. With the help of an advisory committee made up of peers, consultants and academics, IPC ensures the rigor and quality of all published documents.